There is no cash register at the Panera cafe near ­Government Center in Boston. There are no prices either — just suggested donations and bins to leave money, if you can afford to.

This is Panera Cares Community Cafe, a nonprofit outpost of the national bakery and sandwich chain that is set to open in Boston in January. The idea, according to Panera founder and co-chief executive Ron ­Shaich, is to provide a place where everyone can eat with dignity, regardless of their ability to pay for a meal.

(via Boston Globe)

i just noticed a new sign up on the way into work this morning and got super excited because i remember reading about this model when the first panera cares cafe opened a few years ago. i’m excited to see this happening here in boston, i hope it works and helps people. and also i like to eat panera on occasion, so i’m glad it’ll be right downstairs.

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