and now

trying to finish up on some work from the office while also drafting up a eulogy. because i don’t know. i’m writing about it here because i can’t complain to my husband because it’s something he asked me to do and i’m freaked out because i cry just thinking about my cat dying so how am i supposed to talk about the loss of my father-in-law to a room full of people. and i haven’t cried in front of anyone yet because i know it’s their dad and brother and uncle and it’s their turn to cry and i’m supposed to be the one consoling them, not being consoled.

thank god my dad is getting here this afternoon. i can cry to him.

  1. lasaliente said: I’m so sorry. :( Chin up hun, give your dad an extra big hug when you see him.
  2. bitchkittenwaffles said: hang in there. you’re being as strong as you can! and yay for daddy coming, what a great guy :)
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