new years resolutions, part 1

2013 is the year i:

will watch less reality television. targeting 2 hours max per week. kardashians, house hunters, catfish - all included.

will save more. for short term goals like a family vacation and long term goals like a bigger family.

will be more kind and thoughtful. even though i *think* i’m a nice person, i’m too self centered. so next year i’ll spend more time being considerate of others, especially my family and close friends. this means calling and sending notes and spending time.

buy less. it’s tied to saving. but also just to my overaccumulation of *things* that is out of control. i need to pare my life down to only things that fit in my closet, not in multiple closets and bins and an overflowing shoe pile. i need to donate more and shop less and shop better. this also means better about buying groceries and using them.

eat homemade more often. i need to make food at home, buy better groceries and eat them before they go bad. take my lunch to work more regularly. eat healthier.


ok. i’ll think of more ways to improve myself later. time to go buy my lunch at some greasy spoon and then wade through the masses at h&m to exchange a cat sweater i bought last week. these are twenty-thirteeeeeeen resolutions. i still have 12 more days to go buck-wild with my fast food consumption.

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