(whining here because if i whine out loud to people i just sound like a little cry baby)

couldn’t sleep all night because the rain droplets on the window panes were too loud and max the cat was taking up all my foot space in bed

had a dream that my wedding dress fell into a toilet full of pee and was stained yellow and my husband was ignoring me at our wedding reception*

woke up this morning unable to breathe out of my nostrils as they are clogged up

snagged my tights when putting them on. was running late, so i wore them to work anyways

it’s raining

i saw a kid i hated in college on the way into the office. and while i dont remember all the reasons i dislike him, i still got annoyed at seeing his face through my car window today - 8 years later

i didn’t pack clothes to go to the gym

found out about $5k potentially missing from our budget

throat is starting to hurt and my runny nose means i have to run out of meetings when i run out of clean tissues

and on and on. UGH. i want to go to bed and wake up on tuesday.

*aren’t wedding nightmares supposed to stop once the wedding is over? ugh.

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