marathon madness

last night i was driving home from the gym. (yes driving instead of walking or RUNNING the 1 mile from my house to the gym) and as i rounded the turn by the mystic river running path, i saw two skinny guys in matching track suits running. on my running path. and i’ve been to the marathon a few times in the last 12 years and yeah, these guys were totally competitive marathon runners.

there were competitive marathon runners on my running path. it’s so cool and exciting!

then i ran home and told smoggy and he was like, yeah, they’ve been around for a few days. which, WHAT. why didn’t anyone tell me? marathon runners are some of the coolest athletes in the world because they are like practically cheetahs! and if i knew that they were here, i would park myself on a park bench and watch them run and probably cheer every time they passed. (it takes about 8 times around my path to hit a marathon distance.)

so. the marathon is on monday. it’s one of boston’s biggest holidays and obviously this year will be bigger and better. and my cousin is running! so i’m very excited for him and for all the runners and all the spectators!

and yes, there was a crazy person who did something stupid on monday night but he was unwell and i am hopeful that the rest of the events over the next week will go off without further scares. boston is ready. they’re working to make sure everyone has a great time running and cheering. and also runners. some of the fastest humans on the face of the earth! will be here! and some of the most dedicated people who are not fast runners, but just set goals and stick to them. they’ll be here too! running! and walking! for hours!

so impressive. i’m so excited. to stand and clap and say woooooooh! all the day long.

Go, and remember, too, that while the door of my cottage is open to brave men, it is eternally shut against cowards.

Elizabeth Paxton Houston to her son Sam, when he signed up for the Army at the age of 19 to fight in the war of 1812.

that is quite the motivational speech, i’d say.

living la vida loca

we ate a delicious dinner at a vegetarian indian restaurant and were home by 7pm. the pair of us fell asleep into a friday evening food coma until 815 when I forced myself awake to finish writing this speech i have to give to some assortment of brooding teens and tweens tomorrow morning. about my life? and accomplishments? or something.

and also my husband is still in bed (since 7pm) snoring his little belly away. also there are snoring cats (one at my head, one at my feet).

this is such a crazy life i lead. (not.)

it’s still below freezing in boston.

but in all likelihood it will be warmer in 2 weeks. probably.

but of course, even if it is not. it’s ok. because in 3 weeks i’ll be in texas. where it will DEFINITELY be above 60 degrees. probably even 80.

and also there will be taco cabana and house of pies there in that sunny, promised land. so i have that to look forward to. and my family, of course. thank god for my family.

countdown on.

weekend (so i don’t forget)

  • divergent: strong female role models. still relying on men. WE’RE DAUNTLESS. *queue running through the streets*
  • union square donuts (erry saturday until we can’t no more)
  • house of cards (i’m finally on the train)
  • chai tea. by the gallon, sweet and piping hot, please and thank you.
  • BO in the ville- not a typical topic of sunday morning sermons but he was this week. kind of.
  • running so fast through the reeds because i’m scared of hobos. and generally resigned to my slowness all other times.
  • packing packing packing. i hate packing. i love all my things and i need to see them out.
  • 42 was a really good flick and also i still can’t believe things were like that so recently even though my mama tells me so.
  • our home sweet hoarder home. it’s looking emptier by the day and its so weird. but also our house is still so full because it always will be because i live there.